Skeletons and Endermen


Honestly, no matter how creepy Endermen are, skeletons are far worse. I was down in a mine shaft all alone last night in the creepy recesses of the dark and ran into my first Enderman. Sure, the sounds he makes by default are creepy, but as long as you don’t stare him in the face he won’t bother you. I continued to work around him for some time until he teleported somewhere else. Skeletons suck. They spawn everywhere, can shoot you from over ravines and across lava and then knock you off cliffs to your death, and then you lose ALL YOUR STUFF. So.



Christmas n00b!


Santa brought me Minecraft! Of course, before I got it, I barely knew what it looked like, only that the graphics were reminiscent of the N64. I didn’t really understand why they would make a game like that this day in age, but you understand it once you start to play. It’s the charm of it! Everything is in perfect squares, and you can build -anything- you want! I’ve had several adventures so far. I’ve starved to death, spent two nights in a hole in the ground, and I’ve exploded because I didn’t hear the creeper coming! So far, I have a decent little house carved into the side of a cliff in the jungle biome where I’ve made my hidey-hole, a few sheep, and a wheat garden growing… But I’ve had a busy week so I haven’t had time to do so much. Oh. And Endormen suck. They’re like the Tall Man, only… well. Creepier.



Christmas After Christmas!


I have the best friends, yes I do. My best friend (and possibly the oldest I have–as in, length of time, haha) sent me some goodies for Christmas! There was an Amazon box downstairs and I was like… I didn’t order anything. But someone shopped my wishlist and sent me some things I really wanted for my collection! One of the two pieces of awesome was the large Princess Candance with crystal wings. She’s so pretty! …I’m going to debox her. Ha!


She also sent me the next large sized Lalaloopsy doll I wanted, Coral Seashells! She can be pretty pricey, but Amazon must have a good price on her at the moment!


She comes with two outfits, the original being a mermaid’s tail. Her hair changes from pink to purple with the right temperature water! I’m so excited–and the best part was how unexpected it was!

Custom Winx Doll!


One of the gifts I got for Christmas were a pair of Bloom dolls for my collection. I’m going to use one of them (as they’re both ‘street clothes’ models) to make a custom doll with a custom dress, wings, and everything else. I’m so stoked to start this project! Updates will be posted as it happens. Last time I was at Toys R’ Us I also noticed that they had a new Bloom fairy model, ‘Harmonix”. Her dress construction is similar to what I had in mind for my custom one, with the long train in the back. We’ll see what happens!


Happy Christmas Eve!


Everyone’s family traditions are different, and the same is true for me! Every Christmas Eve, my (huge) family gets together at my aunt’s house in Florida. She has a huge tree, all lit up, and because my family is so large the presents sometime stretch right across the floor to the middle of the room! We have a huge buffet style dinner, we play a game together with unmarked gag-type presents, and then we all sit down together to open our presents on Christmas Eve night. I usually get stuck playing ‘Santa’, passing out the gifts to everyone because I’m still the youngest and can get under the tree easier. This year, my cousin will probably be the one to do it.

I was invited to a Christmas party tonight, so it looks like maybe I will see a little Christmas this year! I was going to come home from work and open my presents from my family tonight, since that’s tradition (I always open my stocking gifts in the morning!), but I’ll wait until morning this year.

On another note! I’ve decided after a bit of thinking to redo Feather’s base. I won’t be repainting it, or anything like that… But while doing Harmony’s base, I realized that their reusable boxes that turn into shops, or stages, or whatnot fit perfectly across the wooden bases that I use. I’m just going to give her’s a bit of a tune-up!

Product Spotlight: Peppermint Piglet


We all knew it the day we started collecting them. They don’t stand on their own, they don’t sit so well without leaning against something, either. And what happens when you actually -need- your shelves for something? This Etsy shop has come up with a very clever solution to tidy up the mini chaos and tuck them all neatly away and still display them with pride. These shelves fit fifteen of your little beauties (and gentlemen) and can be custom painted to your order. They run just shy of $40.00, but don’t let the price scare you. They are made of quality wood and solid construction and have a bit of genus engineering to them. A little slip of elastic threaded through a button in each shelf holds your dolls securely in place so they won’t tumble out.


It might be a little too late to order Christmas presents for the other collectors in your life, but it’s never too late to get yourself a little something (or a shelf for those little somethings!). Peppermint Piglet’s Etsy link is here:

On top of some rather genus shelving, you can also browse their collection of awesome full-sized Lalaloopsy dresses and PJ’s. Best of luck on Etsy!


Countdown to Christmas


Everyone is out running about to get the last of the last of their Christmas shopping done. Last minute gifts, last minute wrapping, and the world remains in chaos! Of course, many families are enjoying peace at home with each other, friends, and good company. My entire family is together now in Florida, just as they are every year! While I won’t be down to join them until late next month, I feel like I’m there anyway. Decorating the tree is one of my favorite Christmas traditions, and I love to wrap presents. Every year, I wrap everyone’s presents for my family (and occasionally even my own when they’re in other boxes). My mom has an entire wrapping station set up that we bring out every year. So, if you’re still cooped up wrapping presents, or you don’t decorate your own tree until late in the season, enjoy it! Forget the hype and the money and the chaos. This is the time of the year to enjoy your friends and family and being together.


Christmas Treats


There’s just something special about eating cookies and drinking your favorite hot drink near the tree, or beneath Christmas lights. Sure, you could do it any time of the year, but there’s just something about the lights and the feeling of the season that makes those cookies and drinks just that much more special.

Custom Feather Tell-a-Tale

feather whole

Feather Tell-a-Tale is my first custom mini Lalaloopsy doll! Since I finished her, I’ve already completed Harmony B Sharp, too. I just had yet to edit Feather’s pictures and make a post about her! This is my own original design for her, so please do not steal my work and pass it off as your own. From start to finish, she took about three weeks of two to four hours of work every day. I’m a little OCD, so detailing comes naturally to me! On the left, you can see how she came in her original packaging. On the right is the customized version!

feather details

Here are a few up-close and personal details of the finished product. I worked really hard to make sure everything coordinated but was also bright and fun to look at. But even when I finished painting her, I wasn’t done yet!


I made a custom base for her from a wooden plaque I purchased at my local craft store. I painted it to match and cut a few forms from felt to accent it. The tee-pee I made by hand with a scrap of coordinating fabric, felt, pipe-cleaners, and a little pompom! She looks great. I thought about selling her, but I just can’t bring myself to do it! I’ve seen some other customizations of the Lalaloopsy mini’s on the internet, too. Everyone is so talented!