Cinderella 2012 Holiday Doll


Cinderella has a long line of dolls out this year. Cheaper ones, dolls in packs with other dolls, and one that lights up–which, actually, I’m fond of that one, too. This one in particular is the 2012 holiday doll. Her gloves are cast, and they are detailed with lace and little pearl buttons. No more mitten gloves! She is also wearing lovely ‘glass’ slippers with details etched into them, too.

I don’t often tell people what my hobbies are. I’ve gotten the ‘creepy doll collector’ look more than …a lot. Especially when I tell them I tend to focus on ball joint dolls. It’s hard to explain to someone so biased why such things are pieces of art, not ‘creepy’. For example, here’s a version of Cinderella, ball-jointed style. I don’t understand people, most of the time. Hmph.



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