All Wrapped Up


I feel pretty good this year! Not only is my shopping done, but so is all my wrapping. I got my mom a set of measuring cups that are shaped like nesting dolls and stack together, and matching measuring spoons… among other things. I also bought everyone special, personalized ornaments. I don’t have much money, but I can stretch the budget pretty well.


I’ve always had a Christmas tree. Even year before last I did, though it was just a small three-foot one. I have a lot of ornaments–a small collection of them, really–but I sent them home with my parents last year before I moved here because I didn’t want them to get broken. This is going to be my second year not having a proper tree… And it really sucks. I love Christmas very much. I love the lights, and the decorations (but not really the crazy drivers and god forbid I need something from the store), but I can’t have a tree here. I have a little one with Alegro, my ball joint doll, and it will do me. This is one of those times I wish I could be at home and help my parents decorate the tree. It’s a holiday tradition. We have hot drinks and my mom’s home made cookies. We listen to Christmas music, usually an album by Andy Williams. It’s a fun affair. Here, I just have my presents stacked against my book case. Of course, I suppose they’re ‘under the tree’, since my little tree is on the shelf up there.


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