Ivory Ice Crystals


This holiday season, they put out a really nice collector’s edition Lalaloopsy doll named Ivory Ice Crystals. She comes in a box that’s so massive I can barely wrap my arms around it, really! But it’s her own private snow globe. She has specific and special detailing that no other doll has had so far, right down to her soft muff, fur cape, and fuzzy boots!


She comes with a snowflake stand and a plush little polar bear pet. Sadly, she is no longer sold in stores, though I’m considering buying one of the very very few left for retail price online. I really would like to have her for my collection, and I know without doubt that if I wait too long her price will skyrocket. She might be worth it even as an investment, as she runs $49.99 at retail.

14111761_120817123000Only available at Target, her mini-figure is available in a smaller snow-globe type box for $4.99! I own two of these, shamelessly. I opened the first one, and kept the other sealed. I like to play with my toys! Sue me.


EDIT: Well. I broke down and bought her. I thought it over for over two hours and I finally just plopped her on my credit card. I found her on e-bay with free shipping at the retail price, and considering she’s not available in stores anymore at all, I knew it would be my very last chance to get her. So I did. Yay! She’ll be here Christmas Eve. Just in time!


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