Product Spotlight: Peppermint Piglet


We all knew it the day we started collecting them. They don’t stand on their own, they don’t sit so well without leaning against something, either. And what happens when you actually -need- your shelves for something? This Etsy shop has come up with a very clever solution to tidy up the mini chaos and tuck them all neatly away and still display them with pride. These shelves fit fifteen of your little beauties (and gentlemen) and can be custom painted to your order. They run just shy of $40.00, but don’t let the price scare you. They are made of quality wood and solid construction and have a bit of genus engineering to them. A little slip of elastic threaded through a button in each shelf holds your dolls securely in place so they won’t tumble out.


It might be a little too late to order Christmas presents for the other collectors in your life, but it’s never too late to get yourself a little something (or a shelf for those little somethings!). Peppermint Piglet’s Etsy link is here:

On top of some rather genus shelving, you can also browse their collection of awesome full-sized Lalaloopsy dresses and PJ’s. Best of luck on Etsy!



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