Happy Christmas Eve!


Everyone’s family traditions are different, and the same is true for me! Every Christmas Eve, my (huge) family gets together at my aunt’s house in Florida. She has a huge tree, all lit up, and because my family is so large the presents sometime stretch right across the floor to the middle of the room! We have a huge buffet style dinner, we play a game together with unmarked gag-type presents, and then we all sit down together to open our presents on Christmas Eve night. I usually get stuck playing ‘Santa’, passing out the gifts to everyone because I’m still the youngest and can get under the tree easier. This year, my cousin will probably be the one to do it.

I was invited to a Christmas party tonight, so it looks like maybe I will see a little Christmas this year! I was going to come home from work and open my presents from my family tonight, since that’s tradition (I always open my stocking gifts in the morning!), but I’ll wait until morning this year.

On another note! I’ve decided after a bit of thinking to redo Feather’s base. I won’t be repainting it, or anything like that… But while doing Harmony’s base, I realized that their reusable boxes that turn into shops, or stages, or whatnot fit perfectly across the wooden bases that I use. I’m just going to give her’s a bit of a tune-up!


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