Christmas n00b!


Santa brought me Minecraft! Of course, before I got it, I barely knew what it looked like, only that the graphics were reminiscent of the N64. I didn’t really understand why they would make a game like that this day in age, but you understand it once you start to play. It’s the charm of it! Everything is in perfect squares, and you can build -anything- you want! I’ve had several adventures so far. I’ve starved to death, spent two nights in a hole in the ground, and I’ve exploded because I didn’t hear the creeper coming! So far, I have a decent little house carved into the side of a cliff in the jungle biome where I’ve made my hidey-hole, a few sheep, and a wheat garden growing… But I’ve had a busy week so I haven’t had time to do so much. Oh. And Endormen suck. They’re like the Tall Man, only… well. Creepier.




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