My Inner Nerd is at it Again.


I have too many ideas in my head, and they all compete for attention at the same time. I’m thinking of doing the Sailor Moon squad (and a few others outside the team) as Lalaloopsy Mini repaints for the anniversary. Staves and wands and props and all. The base models will likely all need a little tweak here and there, but with a little putty and paint, anything is possible. With the size of this actual project, however, it might take me all year to finish it at all. …My wallet hurts. Goodbye, social life! …Oh, wait.




Good Times and Better Times!

The time comes in every gamer’s life when they replay their favorite series again from beginning to end. Sure, there are different timelines and sure there are some rather difficult to find titles, but it’s worth it! I’ve been a Legend of Zelda fan since I can remember. When I was just a squirt, I’d save my allowance every week just to rent an N64 from the video tape store to play Ocarina of Time until I beat it! The boyfriend has all the old game systems, and he’s a Legend of Zelda fan too. Lucky for me he has a good portion of the games, and we just need to locate a few of the handheld ones. Already, we made it through half of the very first NES game. Bats should drop more loot. Srs.

Lalaloopsy Valentine Release


I managed to snag one, too! Already they seem very rare and coveted by collectors. When I bought mine the day they released, there were already only three or so left in the bin. The Valentine features Crumbs Sugar Cookie, a lovely cake, her pet mouse, a box of chocolates, and a cookbook. Her dress is one of my favorites so far, and I can’t wait to paint her! I wanted to release my Harmony B. Sharp painting before I leave to visit my parents this week end, but the sun hasn’t been out and the weather is poor for pictures, so far.

Minecraft Music Disc


Today is a Minecraft milestone! I found my first music disc tucked away in a dungeon chest. It’s #13, and the song itself is rather creepy. I seem to have a knack of finding rare objects in Minecraft, though. Recently I found nine emeralds in a cavern-run, and they spawn less than diamonds do.

All Sewn Together


I think I would lose my mind if MGA put out a series of Lalaloopsy minis for the Sailor Moon re-release. Instead, fans are making the best costumes for their dolls by hand.


It’s a simple enough pattern, but there is no denying that familiar style. The love for Sailor Moon spans generations, these days. The girls (and boys) that watched it in their childhood like I did are now adults, and their children now share in their love. Those children are growing up, too. Of course, then there’s the crowd shopping at Hot Topic and picking up Sailor Moon shirts and stickers, but when you ask them what their favorite episode or scene is they sort of deadpan and don’t know what you’re talking about because they’ve never actually watched it. Those people drive me right up the wall.

Harmony B. Sharp–Almost Ready!


I’m nearly finished and ready to post images of the custom Harmony B. Sharp mini I’ve been working on. Her base has a stage built in that mirrors her box, and the box easily sits at the back to accompany and make the entire set really three-dimensional. She turned out really well. Surprisingly, her ‘Special Show Tonight’ sign is what took me the most time. I painted each of the little individual lights pocked into the plastic. It took… Three days, I believe. She looks great, though!

Goldfish Soap

pet fish soap in a bag-spoon sisters

One of the gifts I got from my parents for Christmas this last year (this one was in my stocking, actually), was a neat bar of soap with a resin goldfish inside. The ‘water’ in the bag is actually the soap, hardened to suspend the goldfish inside. It’s such a cute thing, I can’t bring myself to use it. Instead, it’s been added to my toy collection and sits on the shelf with all my stuffed animals. My mom had a serious heart attack on the 31st of December and was in the hospital right through until the day before yesterday. It wasn’t the best way to start the new year at all… She nearly died, so I was told–she went into Code Blue. It’s things like this that remind me just how important people are, and how quickly they can go, too. I’m going home on the 20th to visit, and if she isn’t doing well I might move back home to help take care of her for awhile.