“Story of My Life”


I hear the phrase  a lot, usually when something goes wrong. “Man, story of my life.” But, thanks to a little Disney magic, Tangled likely is the story of my life. Where I live now, I’m trapped in a tower. Most teenagers feel that way, but I’m no longer a teen and I no longer live with my parents. Yet, I’m trapped–I can’t go out, and I hate being in. ‘Mother knows best’, or so my room-mate must think. I can’t have my prince, and if I want to leave, I literally must sneak out. What a life! I don’t know what to do, at this point. I need to move out, but I have no where to go. Also, I was adopted at birth, so it would be pretty neat to meet my birth parents some day! Of course, I love my adoptive parents, though. They raised me from the day I was born, and they -are- my parents. I’d still like to meet my birth mom, though.



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