“Can’t do it. Not Today.”


I don’t know what it is! Lately I’ve been on a kick to watch all my favorite movies that came out a while back. Last night I watched Treasure Planet (definitely on the ‘list’), I’m also down for Fern Gully, Sinbad, and the Quest for Camelot. Oh, and don’t forget the Swan Princess. These are all movies I watched over and over when I was younger, but the one movie I think I’ve watched more than any other in my entire life is this one. I watched it so much the video tape wore out and I had to buy myself the DVD (alas!).


It wasn’t until I was older that I figured out -why- I liked it so much. I have a hardcore fangirl thing for some super awesome –well, I’ve kept this blog pretty tame, so. You know where I’m going with this. If you don’t, oh well.


A hardcore fangirl thing for wanted men! Yes, that’s exactly what it was I was saying. There are a few similarities between Miguel and Tulio to Flynn Rider from Tangled. Mostly, it’s Smolder. Regardless! I did some surfing last night. I’m not really all together and up to date on memes and whatnot, but I did find out what would happen if the pair actually did become gods.



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