Goldfish Soap

pet fish soap in a bag-spoon sisters

One of the gifts I got from my parents for Christmas this last year (this one was in my stocking, actually), was a neat bar of soap with a resin goldfish inside. The ‘water’ in the bag is actually the soap, hardened to suspend the goldfish inside. It’s such a cute thing, I can’t bring myself to use it. Instead, it’s been added to my toy collection and sits on the shelf with all my stuffed animals. My mom had a serious heart attack on the 31st of December and was in the hospital right through until the day before yesterday. It wasn’t the best way to start the new year at all… She nearly died, so I was told–she went into Code Blue. It’s things like this that remind me just how important people are, and how quickly they can go, too. I’m going home on the 20th to visit, and if she isn’t doing well I might move back home to help take care of her for awhile.



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