Finished Project! Custom Skylander, Gill Grunt

Gill Grunt

I’m on a roll! Well, not really. Gill Grunt has been finished for several months now. I just hadn’t taken his picture or featured him just yet. But today I took the plunge and placed him for sale on e-bay. Regardless of how much he sells for, it will be the first custom figure I’ve ever sold to a stranger! I’m very proud today. The listing is here, for those interested:

Happy bidding!




Completed Project! OOAK Bloom Doll


Woo! She looks great, the photos don’t do her any justice. I worked for quite awhile to get her just right. Her costume is sewn by hand and from scratch, from a pattern of my own design. I used Swarovski Elements and crystals to accent her costume, including the large crystal heart at her breast. Her face and makeup are custom-finished, and all of her accessories have been painted to match. Even her shoes! Her wings were originally going to be of my own design, but I popped the Speedix pack on her to see how she looked, and I loved it just like that. She has a stand, though it isn’t made for her. It just happened to be the only stand I had on hand at the time. I’m considering selling her… But I’m so attached!

Good Weekend!


Limited edition Bloom dolls were released to specific Wal-mart stores on the 24th. They come in flats of about twelve or so, and have their own shelving unit for display. If you’re seeking them out, you won’t find her with the other Winx dolls, but on their own cardboard shelving either in the middle isle or in the back. I picked up two, even though they run $29.99 at retail. One is to stay in her box, and the other… Well, I might sell her. I haven’t reached that bridge yet.

Full_Alice_in_LalaloopsylandI also found Alice, who I was very excited about. I’ve placed her on e-bay, but if she doesn’t sell I might just keep her and shave off the money I spent on her from next week’s toy budget. I love Alice in Wonderland, after all!

Current Project: Red

Scarlet-Riding-Hood-e1347042453162I’ve been looking for Scarlet Riding Hood everywhere, but I didn’t want to pay so much for her on e-bay. I finally found her tucked way back on a bottom shelf at K-mart, and I snatched her up–even though they charge more than anyone else. I’ve begun work on her shoes so far, and I will be painting them to resemble red converse, perhaps with glitter on the toes. I’m also going to alter her dress, and make her a proper cape.

53872_b_new900The stitches will be the toughest part, I think.


I’d like to do the cape something like this. Her head is pretty big, so we’ll see how it goes. For the dress, I think I’m just going to add a few layers of lace and tulle, and perhaps some ribbon.



Did I win the lottery yet? I’m like… this close from turning off my own internet and save me from myself. Anyway! This is the Lunatic Queen, and depending on where you want to pick her up from, she runs from $115-200. She’s an older model, but I love it. What is it they say about age and beauty?


The Good, The Bad, and The Lonely

The good! You know that feeling when you burn your finger on the stove, and you go, crap, hothothothothot.


The ball joint dolls that I own are made by the company Luts, and I’m rather partial to their detailing. Blythe and Pullip have a different sort of appeal for me, in that they’re crafted to be ‘super-deformed’ fashion dolls. The good part is, I’ve fallen in love with Pullip’s little brother Isul, and his various incarnations.


But, just like my regular BJD collection, it’s an expensive hobby. Full sets, meaning doll and outfit, new in box, runs about $150-200 for the nicer models. You can find an occasional few for $90, or the mini versions (that I’m not terribly fond of) for about $40.


Toy collecting in general is so expensive on many levels. Occasionally, I feel the need to sell off a few of my collectables to afford the ‘greater good’. In this case… It’s obvious what I’m staring down My Little Ponies for.

The bad? My headset broke, so I bought a new one. I spent $100 to get a wireless headset that I could rely on for many years and not have to worry about, and it broke three days in. RETURN.

Lonely? Actually, I’m not. But I will be. I’m moving back to Florida after all to take care of my mom. On one hand I’m looking forward to it, and on the other, I’m not. It’s a tough situation.

And don’t get me wrong. I’m just as in love with Pullip on her own, too. Particularly this model, Pere Noel.


“Where Have You Been?”


Oh nowhere–just to the Philadelphia Lindsey Sterling concert! I’ve been stoked to go forĀ months, and even though I stood outside for three hours to get in, it was totally worth it because I got front-row center balcony seats! I took my new camera that I got for Christmas, and it took the best shots, even in the dark. It wasn’t until the end of the concert that I realized just how close I could get on her, or I would have taken more close-up shots the whole time!


Please don’t steal my pictures of her! I’ll know >:C. It was an excellent show, and one of the most awesome experiences of my life. And yes, she played the Legend of Zelda Medley!