Sorry I haven’t been around to post! I’ve been packing up my stuff in boxes and preparing to move! It will be a two day drive… at the speed of snails, it seems.  I’ll see you all soon!


I Hate You, Bratz…


I hate you, Bratz. Your skanky heals and your giant lips. But… why do you torment me with -this-? I love this model. armored mermaids? YES PLEASE. They turn into ballet skirts? HOORAY. And now I have to go to the store. Bleh.

The Gatekeeper – Back at it.


I do my best writing in the fall and winter, when my seasonal depression kicks in and fuels my darker (and more angsty) stories. I’ve been writing a trilogy for… I don’t know, the past… eleven years or so. You know that phrase, “If you don’t write it, it won’t get published?”. Blargh. I keep rewriting. Regardless, I had an artist that was doing the image plates for me. Cover, and chapter by chapter. But that was years ago, and though I paid her we’ve lost contact. I’m seeking out artists to do this for me. Please shoot me a message (just reply) and we’ll get into contact. I don’t think that I intend to ever publish this book on paper, but I do intend to finish it up and make it into an e-book that can be downloaded and read via the internet, Kindle, Nook, etc. The reason I don’t intend to publish it is over controversial material inside it’s pages. It didn’t start that way, but the story will tell itself the way it wants. I will be opening a small page shortly that will allow excerpts to be read, art to be viewed, and so on. I have a collection of art that I’ve done over the years, as well as that of other artists, for my book, specifically. I also have a handful of art that I’ve collected across the internet that’s relative to my work.

Toy Fair 2013


I would like to announce that I went myself! But alas, I did not. However, thanks to the internet, I got a sneak peek just like you can. Follow the link below! There are updates about new Monster High dolls, My Little Pony, Transformers and more, not limited to Square Enix and Assassin’s Creed figures and accessories to be released this year. There’s also headlines about the new Skylanders game coming out this fall, ‘Swap Force’, where one can change the pieces of their figure and alter the avatar in game.


I’m not really one for dolls that build off another empire. These have been recently released, and when I did find them in the store my immediate reaction was, ew, Monster High ripoff. But… I want a viking doll for my collection! Siiiiiiigh.


Check out the new hairdoos for this coming year. Looks like there will be lots of curls and fluff!


Skelita Calaveras


My newest addition to the ever-expanding crew! I was so excited to find her, she’s one of my favorite Monster High dolls because of her details and her beauty. Her entire body is indeed formed and shaped just like a skeleton, right down to her spine. She’s on my list to customize, though I’m not going to alter her face. I intend to add more color to her arms and legs, perhaps her rib-cage, and add a bit of shading and highlights. I didn’t take the picture above, even though I tend to photograph my toys. Her face is just stunning.