The Gatekeeper – Back at it.


I do my best writing in the fall and winter, when my seasonal depression kicks in and fuels my darker (and more angsty) stories. I’ve been writing a trilogy for… I don’t know, the past… eleven years or so. You know that phrase, “If you don’t write it, it won’t get published?”. Blargh. I keep rewriting. Regardless, I had an artist that was doing the image plates for me. Cover, and chapter by chapter. But that was years ago, and though I paid her we’ve lost contact. I’m seeking out artists to do this for me. Please shoot me a message (just reply) and we’ll get into contact. I don’t think that I intend to ever publish this book on paper, but I do intend to finish it up and make it into an e-book that can be downloaded and read via the internet, Kindle, Nook, etc. The reason I don’t intend to publish it is over controversial material inside it’s pages. It didn’t start that way, but the story will tell itself the way it wants. I will be opening a small page shortly that will allow excerpts to be read, art to be viewed, and so on. I have a collection of art that I’ve done over the years, as well as that of other artists, for my book, specifically. I also have a handful of art that I’ve collected across the internet that’s relative to my work.


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