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Hey all! Welcome to Little Starbright! Hatsune Miku is a familiar face on the internet. She has gained popularity as a character here in America as well as Japan. I’ve snagged her for a mascot for my website, as well! I’m sure others have done the same. I hope ya’ll enjoy your look around! Here’s a little bit about why I’ve made this webpage.

I realized I should start speaking my mind about the things I actively enjoy despite my age. I’m not old… But I’m ‘too old’, by society’s standards, to like the things I still adore.

Oh well.


Things I never grew out of… Sailor Moon. When I was a child, I wasn’t allowed to watch it because ‘demons!’, but of course I did anyway. It was an obsession, really, and it follows me today.


I never really grew out of Card Captor Sakura. I saw it once after school when I was a kid and I was hooked for life. Of course, now that I’m older, I’ll be shot before I watch it dubbed. I have quite the collection of things Sakura related.


Still in love with any and all of the Disney Princess movies. Good thing all those things fit hand in hand like a glove. I still draw up fan art of many sorts, including that rather infamous Princess/Sailor Moon combo.


I still have a painting I’m working on of Ariel in a senshi uniform. Does that make me a total nerd? Oh well.


Didn’t really grow out of the magical girl phase at all. I still collect wands of all sorts, related to series I enjoy or not. In fact, I’m in the middle of writing a little novel about a magical girl… Never to old to enjoy that.


Never really grew out of dolls. Right now, I’m deciding if I’ll be collecting Blythe or Pullip or both.


After all, I already collect Ball Jointed Dolls from the Company Luts. I have three–Apple, Brena, and Alegro. The little one is the most known, I suppose. His blog can be found in my links section! I still have a few Barbies I customized, looking over the Monster High, and while I was never a fan of the Bratz dolls, the new and improved models with glass eyes have caught my attention.


Never really grew out of My Little Pony. I still have my collection from when I was a kid, and lately I’ve somehow been acquiring many, many of the mystery blind bag ponies. They are taking over.

nintendo pokemon video games ruins fire plants anime manga 2000x1424 wallpaper_wallpaperswa.com_84

Right, still in love with Pokemon. Who isn’t? That was my generation.

Anyway… It’s almost my birthday, and I thought I should do something with the things that I like. I live with someone that isn’t the most supportive of the things I like, or my hobbies. I customize toys–and I have a blast doing it. But when someone tells you the things you like and do are retarded, and stupid, and you’re stupid for it, you kind of start to hide the things you love… And I don’t really care to do it anymore. So. Welcome to Little Starbright, and the things that make me happy.


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  1. Don’t let anyone put you off of doing/liking the things you like! I’m actually 32 and often get told to grow up by my parents for the things I collect and do. If it means having to be boring then I don’t want to grow up. I’m always discovering new things and I’m just starting to get into anime myself…. I’m a big geek 🙂

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