So far, so good.


Partway through the platform I realized the picture I was using was going to mislead my placement of blocks because of half-squares used in the original pixel art. Hello, artistic liberty!


My Giant Minecraft Project


I decided to try Creative mode in Minecraft! I’m zooming around, having a blast with unlimited everything. I’ve seen a lot of neat things people have made in Minecraft. This will be my first piece of Minecraft block art! It’s a massive undertaking, but I’m prepared. Look, I already got started on it!


Rain, Rain, Go Away


Minecraft rain sucks. First of all, nothing but Endermen are affected by it so monsters (and the creeper outside my window) just hang out forever because it’s dark enough that they don’t die, or despawn. Secondly, the sound is like static. It isn’t a huge problem, but I tend to watch Netflix on my computer at the same time and it makes it impossible to do both. I’ve been playing on a multiplayer server lately, so I can’t always just sleep it away, either. Alas!

Minecraft Music Disc


Today is a Minecraft milestone! I found my first music disc tucked away in a dungeon chest. It’s #13, and the song itself is rather creepy. I seem to have a knack of finding rare objects in Minecraft, though. Recently I found nine emeralds in a cavern-run, and they spawn less than diamonds do.

Cool to be Square


Lesson number one! Don’t dig straight up. Lesson number two! Don’t dig straight down. I guess I have really good Minecraft luck. I found nine separate veins of Emeralds, and they spawn less frequently than diamonds do. I’m still learning how to use Red Stone, too. You can make switches and levers do all sorts of neat things. But today, I’m off to have an adventure! And maybe find a village or something so I can start trading things.

Skeletons and Endermen


Honestly, no matter how creepy Endermen are, skeletons are far worse. I was down in a mine shaft all alone last night in the creepy recesses of the dark and ran into my first Enderman. Sure, the sounds he makes by default are creepy, but as long as you don’t stare him in the face he won’t bother you. I continued to work around him for some time until he teleported somewhere else. Skeletons suck. They spawn everywhere, can shoot you from over ravines and across lava and then knock you off cliffs to your death, and then you lose ALL YOUR STUFF. So.


Christmas n00b!


Santa brought me Minecraft! Of course, before I got it, I barely knew what it looked like, only that the graphics were reminiscent of the N64. I didn’t really understand why they would make a game like that this day in age, but you understand it once you start to play. It’s the charm of it! Everything is in perfect squares, and you can build -anything- you want! I’ve had several adventures so far. I’ve starved to death, spent two nights in a hole in the ground, and I’ve exploded because I didn’t hear the creeper coming! So far, I have a decent little house carved into the side of a cliff in the jungle biome where I’ve made my hidey-hole, a few sheep, and a wheat garden growing… But I’ve had a busy week so I haven’t had time to do so much. Oh. And Endormen suck. They’re like the Tall Man, only… well. Creepier.