Toy Fair 2013


I would like to announce that I went myself! But alas, I did not. However, thanks to the internet, I got a sneak peek just like you can. Follow the link below! There are updates about new Monster High dolls, My Little Pony, Transformers and more, not limited to Square Enix and Assassin’s Creed figures and accessories to be released this year. There’s also headlines about the new Skylanders game coming out this fall, ‘Swap Force’, where one can change the pieces of their figure and alter the avatar in game.


I’m not really one for dolls that build off another empire. These have been recently released, and when I did find them in the store my immediate reaction was, ew, Monster High ripoff. But… I want a viking doll for my collection! Siiiiiiigh.


Check out the new hairdoos for this coming year. Looks like there will be lots of curls and fluff!



Christmas After Christmas!


I have the best friends, yes I do. My best friend (and possibly the oldest I have–as in, length of time, haha) sent me some goodies for Christmas! There was an Amazon box downstairs and I was like… I didn’t order anything. But someone shopped my wishlist and sent me some things I really wanted for my collection! One of the two pieces of awesome was the large Princess Candance with crystal wings. She’s so pretty! …I’m going to debox her. Ha!


She also sent me the next large sized Lalaloopsy doll I wanted, Coral Seashells! She can be pretty pricey, but Amazon must have a good price on her at the moment!


She comes with two outfits, the original being a mermaid’s tail. Her hair changes from pink to purple with the right temperature water! I’m so excited–and the best part was how unexpected it was!

Providence 2008 – Exclusive MLP


Oh, eBay, why do I visit you? …Right, because you have all my favorite things. I’m in love with this pony for my collection! It was a limited run sold at the My Little Pony fair in Providence. I keep thinking about buying her… but I would want to display her and keep her in an acrylic box that would protect her from dust and sun-stains. So the question remains, will those collectable beanie boxes hold ponies, or do I need to buy specially sized ones? Sigh… Collecting used to be so easy.