Etrian Odyssey


This much-awaited RPG was released today for the 3DS! I’m stoked about it. I preordered it at Gamestop, and the first run comes with the soundtrack and a small art-book.


To Streetpass or Not to Streetpass…


The online Streetpass features on the 3DS are pretty cool. Carry that beast of a thing around in your pocket, and anyone you pass also using Streetpass will automatically send their Mii avatar into your… yard thing. Well. It’s pretty fun. You can play minigames and get hats, and exchange pieces for mosaic puzzles. You can also fill out your map and see where people are from. The only issue I really have with it is that it is draining on my battery life. I can usually get away with playing my DS without charging it for about three days, if I’m not glued to the screen. With the Streetpass on, my battery is gone in about six hours. Hm…