I broke the Golden Rule.

bloom-believix-the-winx-club-18443044-587-760Since I bought the limited edition Bloom doll, I knew I wouldn’t take her out of her box. Some things I do, and some things I don’t! …Actually, most things I take out of the box. I’m a toy collector, and I understand the value things gain when they stay mint in their boxes… But I really enjoy playing with my collection, too. I’m a child at heart. So, I bought the regular edition of the doll, sold at Toys R Us. I think you can buy it anywhere, though. It was BOGO 50% off, so I also bought another Bloom doll in her original Charmix outfit, with her original wings. I’m considering collecting just Bloom’s forms, really. It’s interesting to see how they’ve varied over the years.

51esVQprj+L._SL500_AA300_The doll is larger than it looks in the package. Her joints are all poseable, which seems to be the new trend in dolls, these days. Having owned ball joint dolls for many years, it’s nice to see that dolls for all ages have started to offer the same features. Her wings are very large and also removable. They can be traded with the other dolls, too. I was thinking about getting a plain Bloom doll and the Speedix accessory pack and doing a custom, one of a kind set. I’d probably make her outfit by hand, it’s so small… Maybe. MAYBE.

charmix bloom

The Charmix doll doesn’t come with the added heart at the chest and the waist, but that came later in the season, anyway… I was impressed with her detailing, and her wings are really nice. Like her Believix counterpart, they are also removable. I was also impressed with the quality of their hair. They both stand the same height, but the Believix model was far more detailed. Either way, I’m already enjoying them both… Out of their boxes. That’s right! Tore them suckers open.