Good Weekend!


Limited edition Bloom dolls were released to specific Wal-mart stores on the 24th. They come in flats of about twelve or so, and have their own shelving unit for display. If you’re seeking them out, you won’t find her with the other Winx dolls, but on their own cardboard shelving either in the middle isle or in the back. I picked up two, even though they run $29.99 at retail. One is to stay in her box, and the other… Well, I might sell her. I haven’t reached that bridge yet.

Full_Alice_in_LalaloopsylandI also found Alice, who I was very excited about. I’ve placed her on e-bay, but if she doesn’t sell I might just keep her and shave off the money I spent on her from next week’s toy budget. I love Alice in Wonderland, after all!


Providence 2008 – Exclusive MLP


Oh, eBay, why do I visit you? …Right, because you have all my favorite things. I’m in love with this pony for my collection! It was a limited run sold at the My Little Pony fair in Providence. I keep thinking about buying her… but I would want to display her and keep her in an acrylic box that would protect her from dust and sun-stains. So the question remains, will those collectable beanie boxes hold ponies, or do I need to buy specially sized ones? Sigh… Collecting used to be so easy.