Thomas Kinkade Paintings


Before his death, Thomas Kinkade painted several pieces for Disney, based on their princesses and other favorite stories (one of my favorite being Peter Pan flying over London). This year, a calendar was released with a good portion of the paintings, and I’ve been thinking about purchasing it just to keep the pictures. Hm!


“Story of My Life”


I hear the phrase¬† a lot, usually when something goes wrong. “Man, story of my life.” But, thanks to a little Disney magic, Tangled likely is the story of my life. Where I live now, I’m trapped in a tower. Most teenagers feel that way, but I’m no longer a teen and I no longer live with my parents. Yet, I’m trapped–I can’t go out, and I hate being in. ‘Mother knows best’, or so my room-mate must think. I can’t have my prince, and if I want to leave, I literally must sneak out. What a life! I don’t know what to do, at this point. I need to move out, but I have no where to go. Also, I was adopted at birth, so it would be pretty neat to meet my birth parents some day! Of course, I love my adoptive parents, though. They raised me from the day I was born, and they -are- my parents. I’d still like to meet my birth mom, though.


Cinderella 2012 Holiday Doll


Cinderella has a long line of dolls out this year. Cheaper ones, dolls in packs with other dolls, and one that lights up–which, actually, I’m fond of that one, too. This one in particular is the 2012 holiday doll. Her gloves are cast, and they are detailed with lace and little pearl buttons. No more mitten gloves! She is also wearing lovely ‘glass’ slippers with details etched into them, too.

I don’t often tell people what my hobbies are. I’ve gotten the ‘creepy doll collector’ look more than …a lot. Especially when I tell them I tend to focus on ball joint dolls. It’s hard to explain to someone so biased why such things are pieces of art, not ‘creepy’. For example, here’s a version of Cinderella, ball-jointed style. I don’t understand people, most of the time. Hmph.


Cinderella 2012 Makeover


Cinderella got a makeover this year. All the new toys and accessories you can find have her new, youthful appearance. No longer does she look to be thirty-eight and in earmuffs! Instead, Princess Cinderella looks her age–late teens to early twenties. Ariel verbally states in The Little Mermaid that she’s sixteen years old, and the princesses are generally about this age if not a few years older.

Designer Princess Dolls

Golden-princesses-disney-princess-30414904-1024-370Several of the Disney animators created a line of designer collectable dolls. They are in couture gowns, and each face is sculpted differently. It isn’t like your everyday Barbie-style doll! They are terribly expensive, though. I was interested in buying Ariel for my collection, but she, alone, was about two-hundred dollars. I like sets of things, too… So that’s even further out of the question! I knew I should have won the lottery. I should try harder next time, haha.


Here’s a pretty good view of Ariel’s doll. The details are really phenomenal.


All of my jealous.