Good Weekend!


Limited edition Bloom dolls were released to specific Wal-mart stores on the 24th. They come in flats of about twelve or so, and have their own shelving unit for display. If you’re seeking them out, you won’t find her with the other Winx dolls, but on their own cardboard shelving either in the middle isle or in the back. I picked up two, even though they run $29.99 at retail. One is to stay in her box, and the other… Well, I might sell her. I haven’t reached that bridge yet.

Full_Alice_in_LalaloopsylandI also found Alice, who I was very excited about. I’ve placed her on e-bay, but if she doesn’t sell I might just keep her and shave off the money I spent on her from next week’s toy budget. I love Alice in Wonderland, after all!


Current Project: Red

Scarlet-Riding-Hood-e1347042453162I’ve been looking for Scarlet Riding Hood everywhere, but I didn’t want to pay so much for her on e-bay. I finally found her tucked way back on a bottom shelf at K-mart, and I snatched her up–even though they charge more than anyone else. I’ve begun work on her shoes so far, and I will be painting them to resemble red converse, perhaps with glitter on the toes. I’m also going to alter her dress, and make her a proper cape.

53872_b_new900The stitches will be the toughest part, I think.


I’d like to do the cape something like this. Her head is pretty big, so we’ll see how it goes. For the dress, I think I’m just going to add a few layers of lace and tulle, and perhaps some ribbon.

My Inner Nerd is at it Again.


I have too many ideas in my head, and they all compete for attention at the same time. I’m thinking of doing the Sailor Moon squad (and a few others outside the team) as Lalaloopsy Mini repaints for the anniversary. Staves and wands and props and all. The base models will likely all need a little tweak here and there, but with a little putty and paint, anything is possible. With the size of this actual project, however, it might take me all year to finish it at all. …My wallet hurts. Goodbye, social life! …Oh, wait.



Lalaloopsy Valentine Release


I managed to snag one, too! Already they seem very rare and coveted by collectors. When I bought mine the day they released, there were already only three or so left in the bin. The Valentine features Crumbs Sugar Cookie, a lovely cake, her pet mouse, a box of chocolates, and a cookbook. Her dress is one of my favorites so far, and I can’t wait to paint her! I wanted to release my Harmony B. Sharp painting before I leave to visit my parents this week end, but the sun hasn’t been out and the weather is poor for pictures, so far.

All Sewn Together


I think I would lose my mind if MGA put out a series of Lalaloopsy minis for the Sailor Moon re-release. Instead, fans are making the best costumes for their dolls by hand.


It’s a simple enough pattern, but there is no denying that familiar style. The love for Sailor Moon spans generations, these days. The girls (and boys) that watched it in their childhood like I did are now adults, and their children now share in their love. Those children are growing up, too. Of course, then there’s the crowd shopping at Hot Topic and picking up Sailor Moon shirts and stickers, but when you ask them what their favorite episode or scene is they sort of deadpan and don’t know what you’re talking about because they’ve never actually watched it. Those people drive me right up the wall.

Harmony B. Sharp–Almost Ready!


I’m nearly finished and ready to post images of the custom Harmony B. Sharp mini I’ve been working on. Her base has a stage built in that mirrors her box, and the box easily sits at the back to accompany and make the entire set really three-dimensional. She turned out really well. Surprisingly, her ‘Special Show Tonight’ sign is what took me the most time. I painted each of the little individual lights pocked into the plastic. It took… Three days, I believe. She looks great, though!

Christmas After Christmas!


I have the best friends, yes I do. My best friend (and possibly the oldest I have–as in, length of time, haha) sent me some goodies for Christmas! There was an Amazon box downstairs and I was like… I didn’t order anything. But someone shopped my wishlist and sent me some things I really wanted for my collection! One of the two pieces of awesome was the large Princess Candance with crystal wings. She’s so pretty! …I’m going to debox her. Ha!


She also sent me the next large sized Lalaloopsy doll I wanted, Coral Seashells! She can be pretty pricey, but Amazon must have a good price on her at the moment!


She comes with two outfits, the original being a mermaid’s tail. Her hair changes from pink to purple with the right temperature water! I’m so excited–and the best part was how unexpected it was!

Product Spotlight: Peppermint Piglet


We all knew it the day we started collecting them. They don’t stand on their own, they don’t sit so well without leaning against something, either. And what happens when you actually -need- your shelves for something? This Etsy shop has come up with a very clever solution to tidy up the mini chaos and tuck them all neatly away and still display them with pride. These shelves fit fifteen of your little beauties (and gentlemen) and can be custom painted to your order. They run just shy of $40.00, but don’t let the price scare you. They are made of quality wood and solid construction and have a bit of genus engineering to them. A little slip of elastic threaded through a button in each shelf holds your dolls securely in place so they won’t tumble out.


It might be a little too late to order Christmas presents for the other collectors in your life, but it’s never too late to get yourself a little something (or a shelf for those little somethings!). Peppermint Piglet’s Etsy link is here:

On top of some rather genus shelving, you can also browse their collection of awesome full-sized Lalaloopsy dresses and PJ’s. Best of luck on Etsy!


Custom Feather Tell-a-Tale

feather whole

Feather Tell-a-Tale is my first custom mini Lalaloopsy doll! Since I finished her, I’ve already completed Harmony B Sharp, too. I just had yet to edit Feather’s pictures and make a post about her! This is my own original design for her, so please do not steal my work and pass it off as your own. From start to finish, she took about three weeks of two to four hours of work every day. I’m a little OCD, so detailing comes naturally to me! On the left, you can see how she came in her original packaging. On the right is the customized version!

feather details

Here are a few up-close and personal details of the finished product. I worked really hard to make sure everything coordinated but was also bright and fun to look at. But even when I finished painting her, I wasn’t done yet!


I made a custom base for her from a wooden plaque I purchased at my local craft store. I painted it to match and cut a few forms from felt to accent it. The tee-pee I made by hand with a scrap of coordinating fabric, felt, pipe-cleaners, and a little pompom! She looks great. I thought about selling her, but I just can’t bring myself to do it! I’ve seen some other customizations of the Lalaloopsy mini’s on the internet, too. Everyone is so talented!

Marina Anchors

5669603385_e203712323_zCute Lalaloopsy doll Marina Anchors is likely my favorite of the bunch. Of course, I grew up at the sea, so I’m a little biased. She’s so hard to find, and she’s from one of the older runs. On ebay, her price is already crawling towards three digits (and in some cases, they already have). Her large size was originally $21.99 at retail, and I managed to find on in a holiday toy shipment to Wal Mart during one of my toy searches the other day. It tends to happen at Christmas, where the warehouse just ships out whatever they have left in bulk, and occasionally that includes old stock from old runs. She comes packaged with her little whale companion and his fancy hat!


Marina has a little brother named Matey Anchors. He’s so cute! He wasn’t high on my list, but since I’m picking up Marina and he only runs about $9.99 at retail, I might snag him, too.


Here mini-figure has several variations. The hardest to find (and most expensive) of them is the one on the left, with her bathing suit and colorful inner-tube. That set came complete with a bathtub that resembles a sailboat, as well as a sink and vanity.