I Hate You, Bratz…


I hate you, Bratz. Your skanky heals and your giant lips. But… why do you torment me with -this-? I love this model. armored mermaids? YES PLEASE. They turn into ballet skirts? HOORAY. And now I have to go to the store. Bleh.


Toy Fair 2013


I would like to announce that I went myself! But alas, I did not. However, thanks to the internet, I got a sneak peek just like you can. Follow the link below! There are updates about new Monster High dolls, My Little Pony, Transformers and more, not limited to Square Enix and Assassin’s Creed figures and accessories to be released this year. There’s also headlines about the new Skylanders game coming out this fall, ‘Swap Force’, where one can change the pieces of their figure and alter the avatar in game.


I’m not really one for dolls that build off another empire. These have been recently released, and when I did find them in the store my immediate reaction was, ew, Monster High ripoff. But… I want a viking doll for my collection! Siiiiiiigh.


Check out the new hairdoos for this coming year. Looks like there will be lots of curls and fluff!



Custom Winx Doll!


One of the gifts I got for Christmas were a pair of Bloom dolls for my collection. I’m going to use one of them (as they’re both ‘street clothes’ models) to make a custom doll with a custom dress, wings, and everything else. I’m so stoked to start this project! Updates will be posted as it happens. Last time I was at Toys R’ Us I also noticed that they had a new Bloom fairy model, ‘Harmonix”. Her dress construction is similar to what I had in mind for my custom one, with the long train in the back. We’ll see what happens!


Marina Anchors

5669603385_e203712323_zCute Lalaloopsy doll Marina Anchors is likely my favorite of the bunch. Of course, I grew up at the sea, so I’m a little biased. She’s so hard to find, and she’s from one of the older runs. On ebay, her price is already crawling towards three digits (and in some cases, they already have). Her large size was originally $21.99 at retail, and I managed to find on in a holiday toy shipment to Wal Mart during one of my toy searches the other day. It tends to happen at Christmas, where the warehouse just ships out whatever they have left in bulk, and occasionally that includes old stock from old runs. She comes packaged with her little whale companion and his fancy hat!


Marina has a little brother named Matey Anchors. He’s so cute! He wasn’t high on my list, but since I’m picking up Marina and he only runs about $9.99 at retail, I might snag him, too.


Here mini-figure has several variations. The hardest to find (and most expensive) of them is the one on the left, with her bathing suit and colorful inner-tube. That set came complete with a bathtub that resembles a sailboat, as well as a sink and vanity.


Happy Birthday to Me!


I’ve been trying to find this doll for about four months or so, and of course I couldn’t find it. I snagged the very last one off Amazon today (sorry, guys!) for a reasonable price–about $40.00 less than what eBay auctions are asking for it. This is just one of those things I never grew out of. I still watch it–even the updated episodes! /nerd

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