“Where Have You Been?”


Oh nowhere–just to the Philadelphia Lindsey Sterling concert! I’ve been stoked to go forĀ months, and even though I stood outside for three hours to get in, it was totally worth it because I got front-row center balcony seats! I took my new camera that I got for Christmas, and it took the best shots, even in the dark. It wasn’t until the end of the concert that I realized just how close I could get on her, or I would have taken more close-up shots the whole time!


Please don’t steal my pictures of her! I’ll know >:C. It was an excellent show, and one of the most awesome experiences of my life. And yes, she played the Legend of Zelda Medley!


Thomas Kinkade Paintings


Before his death, Thomas Kinkade painted several pieces for Disney, based on their princesses and other favorite stories (one of my favorite being Peter Pan flying over London). This year, a calendar was released with a good portion of the paintings, and I’ve been thinking about purchasing it just to keep the pictures. Hm!