Finished Project! Custom Skylander, Gill Grunt

Gill Grunt

I’m on a roll! Well, not really. Gill Grunt has been finished for several months now. I just hadn’t taken his picture or featured him just yet. But today I took the plunge and placed him for sale on e-bay. Regardless of how much he sells for, it will be the first custom figure I’ve ever sold to a stranger! I’m very proud today. The listing is here, for those interested:

Happy bidding!




Completed Project! OOAK Bloom Doll


Woo! She looks great, the photos don’t do her any justice. I worked for quite awhile to get her just right. Her costume is sewn by hand and from scratch, from a pattern of my own design. I used Swarovski Elements and crystals to accent her costume, including the large crystal heart at her breast. Her face and makeup are custom-finished, and all of her accessories have been painted to match. Even her shoes! Her wings were originally going to be of my own design, but I popped the Speedix pack on her to see how she looked, and I loved it just like that. She has a stand, though it isn’t made for her. It just happened to be the only stand I had on hand at the time. I’m considering selling her… But I’m so attached!

Custom Winx Doll Update


Hey all! I’ve been working on my design for the custom Bloom doll I’ve been designing. At first, I thought I’d do her entirely in golds and whites, but then as I walked the fabric shop I realized if I did so, it would make her look angelic, and that wasn’t the look I was going for. Instead, I went back to the staple pink and aqua combination and loaded up on sparkly fabric. I’m making her wings out of velum and different types of paper that sparkles–scrapbooking paper adds a lot of dimension to my ideas. I’m using the Concert Series doll I got for Christmas to do it, and she wore heels in her original packaging that will be repainted to the color I need them to be.


I do want to stay true to the series and her personality as I craft her new costume, so I’ve been browsing images of her and her past outfits and costumes. I’ve seen my share of the episodes, so I’m not worried about that much–but the outfits are very consistent in their base model, despite her different transformations. I’m still so excited that I own a blue Belivix! I’m such a nerd.Bloom-Harmonix-the-winx-club-32182474-714-1120

It makes construction a little difficult though, seeing as though I don’t want to go too far from the main base but I do want it to be different to the point that it will be recognized as not a pre-made factory doll. Hm.

Custom Feather Tell-a-Tale

feather whole

Feather Tell-a-Tale is my first custom mini Lalaloopsy doll! Since I finished her, I’ve already completed Harmony B Sharp, too. I just had yet to edit Feather’s pictures and make a post about her! This is my own original design for her, so please do not steal my work and pass it off as your own. From start to finish, she took about three weeks of two to four hours of work every day. I’m a little OCD, so detailing comes naturally to me! On the left, you can see how she came in her original packaging. On the right is the customized version!

feather details

Here are a few up-close and personal details of the finished product. I worked really hard to make sure everything coordinated but was also bright and fun to look at. But even when I finished painting her, I wasn’t done yet!


I made a custom base for her from a wooden plaque I purchased at my local craft store. I painted it to match and cut a few forms from felt to accent it. The tee-pee I made by hand with a scrap of coordinating fabric, felt, pipe-cleaners, and a little pompom! She looks great. I thought about selling her, but I just can’t bring myself to do it! I’ve seen some other customizations of the Lalaloopsy mini’s on the internet, too. Everyone is so talented!