Happy Valentines Day!


Picture is a year late. Alas. Regardless! Even if you don’t have someone special, it’s still a good excuse to eat chocolate, right?


My Inner Nerd is at it Again.


I have too many ideas in my head, and they all compete for attention at the same time. I’m thinking of doing the Sailor Moon squad (and a few others outside the team) as Lalaloopsy Mini repaints for the anniversary. Staves and wands and props and all. The base models will likely all need a little tweak here and there, but with a little putty and paint, anything is possible. With the size of this actual project, however, it might take me all year to finish it at all. …My wallet hurts. Goodbye, social life! …Oh, wait.



All Sewn Together


I think I would lose my mind if MGA put out a series of Lalaloopsy minis for the Sailor Moon re-release. Instead, fans are making the best costumes for their dolls by hand.


It’s a simple enough pattern, but there is no denying that familiar style. The love for Sailor Moon spans generations, these days. The girls (and boys) that watched it in their childhood like I did are now adults, and their children now share in their love. Those children are growing up, too. Of course, then there’s the crowd shopping at Hot Topic and picking up Sailor Moon shirts and stickers, but when you ask them what their favorite episode or scene is they sort of deadpan and don’t know what you’re talking about because they’ve never actually watched it. Those people drive me right up the wall.

Start With Cookies


Most of the new year’s resolutions include a diet, most likely. My resolution is to make these cookies at least once this year–and most likely for the premier of the new season of Sailor Moon this summer. I don’t have a direct recipe for these cookies, but they seem to be based off of the ‘Stained Glass Window’ type of cookie, and an excellent recipe for those can be found here: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/stained-glass-window-cookies/.


They are based on the Sailor Moon Crisis locket. While there is no cutter for this shape, they are basic enough that you can use two small circle cutters, two hearts, and form the wings and ‘crown’ by hand.


This is one of the most coveted lockets (and toys) imported from Japan from when the series was released. New in the box, this one toy can be sold upwards of two-thousand dollars to serious collectors.


Those with a creative mind can make them by hand, and in many cases, they are just as stunning–and even more coveted than the originals.

Countdown to Christmas


Everyone is out running about to get the last of the last of their Christmas shopping done. Last minute gifts, last minute wrapping, and the world remains in chaos! Of course, many families are enjoying peace at home with each other, friends, and good company. My entire family is together now in Florida, just as they are every year! While I won’t be down to join them until late next month, I feel like I’m there anyway. Decorating the tree is one of my favorite Christmas traditions, and I love to wrap presents. Every year, I wrap everyone’s presents for my family (and occasionally even my own when they’re in other boxes). My mom has an entire wrapping station set up that we bring out every year. So, if you’re still cooped up wrapping presents, or you don’t decorate your own tree until late in the season, enjoy it! Forget the hype and the money and the chaos. This is the time of the year to enjoy your friends and family and being together.