I Hate You, Bratz…


I hate you, Bratz. Your skanky heals and your giant lips. But… why do you torment me with -this-? I love this model. armored mermaids? YES PLEASE. They turn into ballet skirts? HOORAY. And now I have to go to the store. Bleh.


The Gatekeeper – Back at it.


I do my best writing in the fall and winter, when my seasonal depression kicks in and fuels my darker (and more angsty) stories. I’ve been writing a trilogy for… I don’t know, the past… eleven years or so. You know that phrase, “If you don’t write it, it won’t get published?”. Blargh. I keep rewriting. Regardless, I had an artist that was doing the image plates for me. Cover, and chapter by chapter. But that was years ago, and though I paid her we’ve lost contact. I’m seeking out artists to do this for me. Please shoot me a message (just reply) and we’ll get into contact. I don’t think that I intend to ever publish this book on paper, but I do intend to finish it up and make it into an e-book that can be downloaded and read via the internet, Kindle, Nook, etc. The reason I don’t intend to publish it is over controversial material inside it’s pages. It didn’t start that way, but the story will tell itself the way it wants. I will be opening a small page shortly that will allow excerpts to be read, art to be viewed, and so on. I have a collection of art that I’ve done over the years, as well as that of other artists, for my book, specifically. I also have a handful of art that I’ve collected across the internet that’s relative to my work.



Did I win the lottery yet? I’m like… this close from turning off my own internet and save me from myself. Anyway! This is the Lunatic Queen, and depending on where you want to pick her up from, she runs from $115-200. She’s an older model, but I love it. What is it they say about age and beauty?


“Where Have You Been?”


Oh nowhere–just to the Philadelphia Lindsey Sterling concert! I’ve been stoked to go for months, and even though I stood outside for three hours to get in, it was totally worth it because I got front-row center balcony seats! I took my new camera that I got for Christmas, and it took the best shots, even in the dark. It wasn’t until the end of the concert that I realized just how close I could get on her, or I would have taken more close-up shots the whole time!


Please don’t steal my pictures of her! I’ll know >:C. It was an excellent show, and one of the most awesome experiences of my life. And yes, she played the Legend of Zelda Medley!

Goldfish Soap

pet fish soap in a bag-spoon sisters

One of the gifts I got from my parents for Christmas this last year (this one was in my stocking, actually), was a neat bar of soap with a resin goldfish inside. The ‘water’ in the bag is actually the soap, hardened to suspend the goldfish inside. It’s such a cute thing, I can’t bring myself to use it. Instead, it’s been added to my toy collection and sits on the shelf with all my stuffed animals. My mom had a serious heart attack on the 31st of December and was in the hospital right through until the day before yesterday. It wasn’t the best way to start the new year at all… She nearly died, so I was told–she went into Code Blue. It’s things like this that remind me just how important people are, and how quickly they can go, too. I’m going home on the 20th to visit, and if she isn’t doing well I might move back home to help take care of her for awhile.


Handbags… What?

I’m not really the handbag type. I think I only own two purses–and one is an army satchel. But I was glancing around the Target webpage for some things when I saw this new line that they are currently doing. They must have nine colors in this bag. I really like this one and also the traditional brown ‘leather’. My mom keeps asking me what I want for Christmas, so I might tell her this. Or this one…
It’s smaller, but I tend to like little bags. I don’t really carry a lot around, and it should be wide enough to slip my 3DS XL inside. I might just ask her for a $25 gift card–then I could just pick up either. Of course… Odds are I’d likely wander to the toy isle. Hn.



I went out for breakfast today as part of my birthday, and beneath the large restaurant is a unique and wonderful gift shop. They had trinkets of all sorts–my favorite being a jeweled porcelain egg that opened to reveal a carousal pony and played Fur Elise. Lovely, lovely… And ridiculously expensive. I didn’t have my camera with me to snap a photo, unfortunately, so today’s picture isn’t mine. Alas!